Mera Charcoal

AED 21.00

80 pieces


  • Mera Shisha Charcoal is one of the best instant light hookah charcoal products. The Mera discs ignite with a lighter in around 10 seconds and burn with almost no smoke at all and are virtually odourless. Mera coal is very clean and very fast to ignite.
  • Warning: When the charcoal has been ignited, do not touch it with your skin, because it will cause a burn to the body. Never throw away the ash remains in a waste paper basket or dustbin, as this could cause a fire. To avoid any injuries, you should use a pair of hookah coal tongs to hold the charcoal, you must never hold the coal in your hand when igniting or when ignited.

Mere Charcoal Shisha similar to SWIFT Lite Carbon, is a fast Lite Shisha charcoal with a burning time of up to one hour per Shisha charcoal, which means you do not need to use several coals each time you feel like smoking some Shisha.
They can be used to burn resins, incense, powdered herbal mixtures or dried herbs.To maintain freshness, opened rolls should be stored and stored in a cool and dry place. Effective storage will ensure quick lighting and a long burning time.

Mere instant light charcoal tablets
This is a registered brand (TM) product.
This box contains 80 instant light charcoal tablets to burn incense and used with water pipes and shishas
1 roll contains 10 tablets and vacuum-selected to preserve its instant lighting qualities
Re-seal the roll after use to preserve freshness. Keep the box in a cool and dry place.